HI5-8-70U Blast Chiller/Freezer

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  • 7” Touch Capacitive IPS High Resolution Display
  • Soft and Hard, Timed or Core Probe Blast Chilling
  • Soft and Hard, Timed or Core Probe Shock Freezing
  • Automatic Recognition of Core Probe
  • Multi Point Sensor Temperature Display Button
  • Core Probe Heater Button
  • HACCP Alarm Display Button
  • Pre-Cooling Cycle Button
  • Adjustable Evaporator Fan Speed Button
  • Timed Manual Defrost Button
  • Infinity Mode Program with Adjustable Set Point
  • Automatic Conservation Mode at End of Cycle
  • On Board Recipe Book with 99 Pre-Set Programs
  • 30 Free Memory Positions for Custom Programs
  • Automatic Thawing Modes
  • Dough Retarder Option with 5 phases
  • Cook/Chill Option with Probe or Timer Setting
  • Circuit Breaker for Compressor Protection
  • Warranty
    3 Years Parts & Labor Warranty PLUS an Additional 2 Year Compressor Warranty
  • Agency  Certifications

Additional information

Weight414 lbs


Exterior Dimensions W x D x H


Crated Weight

414 lbs

Uncrated Weight

328 lbs







Refrigerant Capacity (W*)




Climate Class




Options & Accessories

  • Printer Kit
  • USB Data Recorder / Interface
  • Remote Condensing Unit
  • Water Cooled Condenser
  • Castor Kit, 2 with Brakes
  • Removable Sterilizer


  • Width, Overall (in.)33.5
  • Depth, Overall (in.)33.5
  • Height, Overall (with legs, in.) 52
  • Depth, Door Open 90°65.4
  • Clear Door Height (in.)24.8
  • Clear Door Width (in.)28.7
  • Internal Depth (in.)20.1
  • Wall Thickness (in.)2.4
  • Sheet Pan Capacity 8
  • Size of Pans 18x26x1”
  • Centers Between Pans (in.)2.56
  • Chilling Capacity in 90 min (lbs.)70
  • Freezing Capacity in 240 min (lbs.)40

Additional Information

    External sides and top in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel th. 0.6mm (Scotch-Brite satin finish). Door is comprised of AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel th. 0.8mm (Scotch-Brite satin finish). Cavity with rounded corners, fully made in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel. Cavity with central drain for discharge of washing water. High density polyurethane insulation (about 42kg/m3), thickness 60mm, without HCFC. Patented humidity injection system.
    Ergonomic handle complete length of the door. Magnetic door gaskets on all four
    sides of the door.
    The self-contained refrigeration system uses R404A refrigerant and features a hermetically sealed compressor with overload protection. An evaporator fitted with a high flow rate fan ensures maximum cooling efficiency. Indirect air flow assures highest product quality. Manual defrosting with door open on a timed cycle
    Stainless steel AISI 304 18/10 tray holder, configurable for using GN1/1 or
    600×400 trays. “L” shaped stainless steel aISI 304 18/10 guides, removable and adjustable in height every 15 mm. Heated core probe standard
    with 4 measuring points.
    Highly visible and ergonomically positioned (recessed inside the door) electronic control with LCD display ensures precise control of Blast Chilling (194° F to 37° F in 90 Minutes) or Shock Freezing (194° F to 0° F in 240 Minutes) Cycles. One touch hard and soft auto-matic blast chilling or shock freezing cycles based either on core probe temperature or timed cycle. Automatic recognition of the core probe and automatic conservation mode at the end of a cycle. One touch display of HACCP Alarms (power failure, cycle time out of HACCP required time, high temp, low temp) recorded in memory. The real time clock provides date, time, and duration of HACCP alarms (power failure, cycle time out of HACCP required time, high temp, low temp) recorded in memory. Will record up to 10 alarm events before over writing the first alarm and will keep the data for a minimum of 48 hours in case of a power failure. On board program memory holds 99 total cycles (68 factory pre-set recipes, up to 31 custom programs). Adjustable Evaporator Fan Speed button allows for regulation of the fan during the blast chilling or shock freezing cycle. Compressor protected by overload cut-out with automatic reset. Micro-switch con-trol cuts out the evaporator fan and compressor whenever the door is opened.

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