Frequently Asked Questions

Following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions concerning warranty and installation procedures. If you do not find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

Service Agents Support Questions

When submitting a service bill for reimbursement, please include the following items:

  • The model and serial number for the unit that was serviced.
  • The date that the service work was completed.
  • The customer`s address.
  • A detailed description of the service work performed, with a breakdown of the labor charges and a copy of the work order.
  • The customer`s signature verifying completion of work.
  • A copy of the replacement part invoice that was purchased or obtained at no charge.

Please note, incomplete and/or inaccurate claims will not be processed and returned to the service agent for correction and re-submittal. If a service agent needs to re-submit the bill, Victory Refrigeration is not responsible for payment delay and will not pay any finance charges accrued during the pending period of the claim.

Compressor replacement and repair

  • To receive reimbursement for a replacement compressor, please return a copy of the wholesale invoice where the compressor was purchased or obtained at no charge.
  • If your unit is more than 2 years old and is only covered by the 5-year compressor warranty, enclose the serial tag from the defective compressor, and a copy of the invoice signed by the customer stating the compressor was changed out.
  • Be sure to include the model and serial number of the unit on this paperwork when submitting.
  • Please contact the Technical Service Department if you have any questions about your coverage.

Tips for submitting service bills

  • Compressors are covered under warranty through the manufacturer (Copeland or Tecumseh) for 20 months from the compressor date code; and should be exchanged (OEM) over the counter at no charge.
  • If a 5-year compressor warranty is purchased, a replacement compressor can be purchased locally and the net cost of the compressor (excluding freight, taxes, etc.) will be reimbursed by Victory Refrigeration.
  • All units are sold with a 90-day labor and one-year parts warranty, effective from the installation date or one month from original factory ship date. For an additional fee, a one-year service labor and a 5-year compressor parts warranty is available.

Recommended stocking service parts

Part NoDescription
50639801MOTOR FAN 115-60-1
50197302TIMER DEFROST 8141 115V
UF27&48 115/60
50620501DEF HTR 1S FRZ 115V
50596301DEFROST HTR 2&3 115V
50199002CAP TUBE .042″X7′
50197601CAP TUBE .042″X10′
 50199001CAP TUBE .042″X7’8″
 50793601CAP TUBE .036″X14′
50198902CAP TUBE .036″X12′
 50793501CAP TUBE .042″X12′
 50873401HEAT EXCH UR27/48 .049X10′
 50873501HEAT EXCH UF27/48 .036X10′

Installation Questions

Most cabinets are shipped with a spare key that is taped to the grill near the left end. It is located either behind the bottom louver or on top of the grill.

If you cannot locate the spare key, contact our Parts Department at: 856-428-4200 or via email at: to order a replacement.

Be sure to have the model and serial number of your equipment.

Remove door from cabinet by opening 90° and lifting off of hinge base. Carefully pry cover from hinge barrels. Remove hinge barrels from door, turn them upside down and replace on door. Remove hinge base on cabinet. Rotate cam 180o°. Insert cam into hinge base. Install hinge base on cabinet using existing hardware. Remove lock strike on cabinet. Reinstall at new location with existing hardware. Plug existing holes with the hardware provided. Mount door on cabinet. Half-door cabinets or models other than Value-Series units will require drilling holes and installing 10-32 Rivnuts to mount hinge bases and keeper. Disconnect power to the cabinet before beginning work. Measure and mark new locations for hinge and keeper holes in the exact opposite position of the existing holes. Drill holes for hinges and lock keeper. Insert Rivnuts and secure with Rivnut tool. (Consult the factory if need more information.) If a light switch is located behind the hinge bracket, remove the switch and cap the leads separately with wire nuts. Push both wires into the fascia and snap in a plug button.

Consult Victory Parts Specialists at: 856-428-4200 for a pan slide kit. Be prepared to provide your equipment’s model and serial numbers (located on the inside left-hand wall of the cabinet). Also determine which types of pan slides (lip supported/bottom supported) are required.

Victory’s self-contained, air-cooled refrigeration system requires a sufficient amount of cool, clean air to dissipate heat.

  • For reach-in or roll-in cabinets, a minimum clearance of 10″ between the top of the refrigerator or freezer and the ceiling is required.
  • For undercounter models, a minimum clearance of 3″ is required between the top, sides and back and any adjacent equipment.
  • Avoid placing any refrigerated cabinet near heat-generating equipment (such as ovens, fryers or kettles) or in direct sunlight.

Most refrigerated cabinets are provided with a cord and NEMA 5-15 plug, which connect to a standard 115-volt wall outlet. (Refer to the data plate for information on your specific model.)

A direct-dedicated, properly protected supply line of the correct voltage and wire size must be provided from the main supply to your Victory equipment.

Plugging multiple items into the same circuit or using an extension cord must be avoided, as this will cause voltage drops that can damage your equipment and void your warranty.

Victory’s digital display thermometers have a sensing range of -40°F to 220°F, which allows it to be used in a wide variety of applications. Setting the alarm control properly is accomplished by installing the jumper on the “HI” (high temperature alert for refrigerators and freezers) or “LO” (low temperature alert for warmers) pin.

Calibrating the Display Temperature
The alarm switch must be placed in the right (T) position when calibrating temperature.

*Note: The digital thermometer has a built-in delay that displays changes every two (2) minutes. This prevents the display from showing erratic temperature readings during door openings. When making any calibration adjustments, allow two minutes for the delay before registering temperature changes. Place a reliable dial or digital thermometer in the center of the cabinet. Turn the temperature calibration screw clockwise to increase the temperature or counter-clockwise to decrease the temperature. Wait two minutes for the display to respond to the new settings.

Setting the Alarm
Move the alarm switch to the left (AL) position. (The display may begin to flash.)

Turn alarm adjusting screw clockwise to increase the setting or counter-clockwise to decrease.

Set the temperature to the appropriate range for the application, as shown above.

Move the alarm switch to the right (T) position.

*Note: When on, the alarm is indicated by a flashing temperature display and it is activated when temperatures rise above the alarm setting for refrigerators and freezers or when temperatures drop below the alarm setting for warmers. Changing the jumper to read in “Centigrade” will not require further calibration or alarm adjustments.

Check the cabinet temperature by using an accurate hand-held dial or digital thermometer placed next to the thermometer sensing bulb (located in the upper right hand corner of the cabinet). If the dial thermometer on the cabinet grill matches the test thermometer (+/-10F), do not adjust.

If temperatures do not match (+/-10F), remove the dial thermometer lens with a small screwdriver. To adjust the temperature needle, insert a small screwdriver in the slotted screw on the needle. Hold the wide end of the needle to keep it from moving and turn the screw clockwise or counter-clockwise to adjust as needed.

Release the needle and remove the screwdriver. Verify new needle setting with the test thermometer. Replace the dial thermometer lens.

Controls are set to maintain a temperature of 38°F (3°C) to 40°F (4°C) for refrigerators and -5°F (-21°C) to 0°F (-17°C) for freezers.

Newer refrigerators and freezers have magnetic snap-in type gaskets that are secured to the door by a foamed in place, grooved retainer strip.

Beginning at one corner, pry gasket loose from retaining strip. Peel remainder of gasket from door and discard.

Before replacing, be sure the gasket and door are at room temperature. (If necessary, soak the gasket in warm water to make it more pliable.) Align new gasket frame on door retainer strip. Starting at one corner, press each corner of gasket into retainer strip. Once started, gasket can be easily inserted around entire perimeter of door by simply press-rolling into place.

Warranty Questions

A data plate printed with the model and serial number, as well as other information, is located on the left-hand side of the interior of the cabinet. Note: The first three characters of the serial number provide the month (A=Jan, B=Feb, etc.) and year (03=2003, 04=2004) of the cabinet’s manufacture.

If you notice damage to your cabinet when it arrives, you must notify the shipping company immediately. You have the option of refusing delivery if there is obvious damage when the cabinet arrives. If damage is hidden (i.e. packaging materials do not appear damaged), however, you have 15 days to file a freight claim with the company that delivered your cabinet. Be sure to file a claim and have the bill of lading information available when contacting the shipper.

Locate the data label on the top of the compressor. Identify the model number, serial number and date code. [For example, Model No. AEA4440YXA, Serial No. 159867, with a date code of C1702 (C = Month of March; 17 = Day; 02 = Year of 2002).

If your product’s purchase date is within 20 months before the day a compressor fails or one year from date of installation, it can be exchanged at any Tecumseh/Copeland wholesaler. After 20 months, the compressor can be purchased at a local Tecumseh/Copeland wholesaler and Victory will issue an allowance towards the purchase of that compressor (the customer is responsible for the difference).

To receive the adjusted amount, send the compressor tag (located on the top of the compressor), a copy of the invoice with the date and price, and the model and serial number of the cabinet (located on the inside left-hand wall). Requests must be sent to: Service Department, Victory Refrigeration 110 Woodcrest Rd. Cherry Hill, NJ, 08003.

Warranty coverage does not include:
Cabinet installation, temperature or defrost timer calibration and/or adjustments, freight damage, leveling, cleaning dirty condenser, adjustment of door mechanisms, replacement of light bulbs, fuses, batteries and other electrical components or any normal maintenance outlined in the Owner’s Manual. Equipment failures caused by lack of maintenance or abuse may void your warranty.

Victory’s standard warranty is three (3) years from date of purchase for labor and parts. Victory’s standard warranty on compressors is five (5) years.

Replacement parts can be ordered through Victory by calling 888-845-9800; via fax at 856-428-7299; or via e-mail at: Be sure to provide the model and serial number of your product. For parts that will be replaced under warranty, contact Victory’s Service Department for a Return Authorization (RA) number. Return defective parts to the factory, freight prepaid. The RA number must be marked on the outside of the carton or delivery will be refused.

Please send these bills to:
Technical Service Department
Victory Refrigeration
3779 Champion Blvd
Winston-Salem, NC 27105

Be sure to include the Warranty Authorization Number, cabinet model and serial number, verification of your equipment’s installation date and receipts for any parts replaced.

A list of Authorized Service Agents is available by contacting Victory at 800-684-1199 or continue to contact Sales and Support Specialists by clicking here.

All new units are supplied with an Owner’s Manual. The manual includes information on warranty coverage, a registration form and instructions on where to mail or fax this information.

Prior to contacting a Service Specialist, be sure to review the Before Calling Service Troubleshooting Guide located in your User’s Manual or Click Here As many problems can be easily resolved without the assistance of a technician.

If the problem persists, contact our Technical Service Specialists during normal business hours (Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM East Coast U.S. Time) at: 800-523-5008, prior to performing any warranty service work. Be prepared to provide the model and serial numbers (located on the data plate on the inside left-hand wall) of the cabinet. See your Victory Owner’s Manual for further information.

Outside of normal business hours please contact our service provider, Ecolab/GCS, at 800-822-2303. Ecolab/GCS will assist you with setting up service in your area. Note that overtime rates will be covered by factory warranty at the service company’s straight time rate. The difference between straight time rate and overtime rate will be between the end user and the servicer. Example: the unit owner is responsible for paying the difference in rates between straight time and overtime rate if requesting service outside of normal business hours.

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